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hi list
pradeep and pallav, can i add just this much that this is a general list
and there are people on this list , who don't want to get the details of
ur personal flames. everybody is free to express himself , pallav felt
companies don't need exp. ( this was from his exp.) , pradeep feels it's
good to do projects , fine alright, why start a flame over this and send
it to our mailboxes. no belief/opinion/value is absolute in this world,
always depends on the person+context what is true and what is not. same
companies recruit 6.2 + 9.6 chap from same college paying the same
salary, why this happens was the subject of our hottest debates in the
final year. but RECtians , i will add this much , work , work ,work
irrespective of whether the companies want it or not. if u know things ,
people come searching for you.    

> ooooooooooh!

  I just want to be that (catcher in the rye)++

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