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a) A sysad is bound to have favourites.  I feel fine with joe while my
friends wuld swear in vi. But both of us get they work done.

b) I rather prefer working on netconf than edit all all those 15 odd files
running from the simple /etc/hosts to the not so nice-looking
/etc/sendmail.conf. This does not mean that I cannot use joe/vi/pico/emacs
on those files (though i admit I am a bogo at m4 macros) but only that I
would rather prefer the ease of a tool to settle those simple issues.

c)What is wrong with a GUI. While I admit that the autoism in everything
does to a considerable extent reduce your personal involvement with the
computer, the lack of it retards the populistic growth of an OS. For an OS
to be successful and accepted by the common masses, it is quintessential
that it has a GUI and "Windowish Auto features".

d) One can debate forever as to whether the Web should extend beyond
standardised HTML or not. Java/
Scripting languages and Platform specific components have their ads and
disads but the TRUTH is that they are HERE. We cannot ignore them. We
definitely need low memory footprint Java(Script)enabled browsers for Linux
. {Aside : Have people checked out HotJava/NetPositive ? } I like kfm the
KDE File Manager which doubles up as a browser, very lightweight, but lacks
Java*  support.

These are just opinions.