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you break my heart.Somebody arrange for a bucket i hear somebody crying.May be

you are right afterall my dad's other name is Ratan Tata / bill gates.I never
gave an interview it's just that i got these four incampus offers by being
TIL,Infosys,satyam,TCS are average companies really.actually these kids could
try HALDIRAMs also.

thanx a lot
Pradeep K

Pallav Nawani wrote:

> On Tue, 30 May 2000, KANWAR, PRADEEP wrote:
> > Thanx, you were a great help ,Pallavi, to these REC kids,just by the way
> > have
> > you ever faced an interview.
> Oh I assure you Dear sir, that I have. quite a few, in fact. Just
> for the record, I worked in Telco for a year, and they did not ask
> for any experience in their campus interview.
> <snip>
> > come'on you being in IISc gotta give a better picture of the market
> Please note that companies coming for campus interviews /cannot and
> do not/ expect students to have a lot of programming experience.
> Their attitude usually is that they (I mean the companies) will give
> them the required expertise. Nobody can have experience without
> getting a job sometime as an unexperienced person.
> The REC guys are just worried, and perhaps I should have tried to
> tell them that nothing special is needed for gettin picked up, they
> just need to perform about average, and that's what the companies
> want.
> > satify you i sent a private mail to these kids and shared my lil idea
> > with them)
> Great. and may it help them.
> > Pradeep K
> > TATA Sons Ltd.
> >
> Probably you yourself did not give a campus interview, that's why
> you think that the candidate should be well experienced, very
> talented and all that. Nothing of the sort. The vast majority of the
> people in this world are of average abilities, and most of them have
> a job.
> just my 2 cents.
> pallav
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