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On Tue, 30 May 2000, KANWAR, PRADEEP wrote:

> Thanx, you were a great help ,Pallavi, to these REC kids,just by the way
> have
> you ever faced an interview.
Oh I assure you Dear sir, that I have. quite a few, in fact. Just
for the record, I worked in Telco for a year, and they did not ask
for any experience in their campus interview.

> come'on you being in IISc gotta give a better picture of the market

Please note that companies coming for campus interviews /cannot and
do not/ expect students to have a lot of programming experience.
Their attitude usually is that they (I mean the companies) will give
them the required expertise. Nobody can have experience without
getting a job sometime as an unexperienced person.

The REC guys are just worried, and perhaps I should have tried to
tell them that nothing special is needed for gettin picked up, they
just need to perform about average, and that's what the companies

> satify you i sent a private mail to these kids and shared my lil idea
> with them)

Great. and may it help them.

> Pradeep K
> TATA Sons Ltd.

Probably you yourself did not give a campus interview, that's why
you think that the candidate should be well experienced, very
talented and all that. Nothing of the sort. The vast majority of the
people in this world are of average abilities, and most of them have
a job.

just my 2 cents.

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