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Thanx, you were a great help ,Pallavi, to these REC kids,just by the way
you ever faced an interview.
gone are the days when companies required your to find the odd man out
.companies want want people who have working experience,people who
least amount of training time/resources.
come'on you being in IISc gotta give a better picture of the market
(well thats
different if you prefer theory to pratice)

you might have guessed it that i found your answer very
discouraging.(just to
satify you i sent a private mail to these kids and shared my lil idea
them)may be you can send them some logical questions like complete the

dont mind it
Pradeep K
TATA Sons Ltd.

Pallav Nawani wrote:

> On Tue, 30 May 2000, Noufal K.V. wrote:
> >
> >       We are a group of students of REC Calicut  awaiting campus
> > interviews in august this year. So  we want to do some project in
> > networking before the companies come. It will be very good if some of you
> > can suggest some good projects in networking that are also useful.
> >
> >               Thank you,
> >               Linac
> Will a project help you in interviews? Doubtful. Better do some
> logic questions for the usual written tests  and prepare for the
> GD's and interview.
> pallav
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