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Re: Help needed on display updates...


On Thu, 11 May 2000, Nick Hill wrote:

> geometry and texturing API. what is it that exactly that u want to do? there
> are different APIs suited for different purposes. Perhaps, u could give a small
> outline of what u're trying to do?

This is in nutshell what I want to do...

I have some function acting as a source of data points, which are scaled
and displayed. Now the program does not interpret what are the points. It
just scales them and displays..
 I want to have enough display speed on updating the display. When I tried
doing fancy things with it, it flickered.
 I tried to select an area on the widget with mouse. Now as a part of
selection I displayed a rectangle from starting point to current point.
Initially It was flickering a lot, but when I avoided drawing underlying
function also(which was not changing during this operation), most of the
flicker went away. But the rectangle is not yet getting drawn smoothly. It
lags behind the current mouse pointer. This is the current problem.  
 Since it's not necessary part of software I am writing. So I removed the
functionality to display the rectangle, and simply zoomed it. That
  But in my next phase, the input data points will be coming from 3D
Vector functions rather than 2D functions, where they will be to big in a
no. I need to display large no. of points in short rate like 25 frames/sec

 OK, this problem is not top priority for me as of now. I can afford to
spend a month or so to study and try diff. solutions. But sometime I have
to tackle the problem.

 BTW to reduce the flicker, I reduced screen resolution and depth to
8bpp/640x480. It made the difference but not enough...