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Re: java applet problem

Rohit Singh proclaimed:
> > Is the applet being run off of a server (ie. a http URL)?  If the applet
> > were running from the user's local disk through a file:// URL then the
> > security restriction of being able to connect only back to the server that
> > sent the .class files does not apply.
> As long as we're using "appletviewer", it doesn't matter...
> But this doesn't seem to hold true when using a browser(i used
> netscape).

I am almost certainly sure that when you open a page using the file:// URL
(ie. a page local to your hard disk) and when this page contains an applet
which is also local to your hard disk the "connect back only to server
sending this applet" does not apply.

> Unfortunately, javakey is not supported by netscape, and getting a
> certificate for digitally signing my applet costs $200

It is reasons like these that make me think that Java on the client side is
dead.  It would be cook if you could sign an applet with your PGP / GPG

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