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java applet problem


>  The applet communicates with an applet/servlet/application
>  running on the server from which the applet was itself loaded.

> Nope ! It's bit of a run-around but then applets were designed with security in
> mind :-) I never found the necessity for this method. So I will just quote the
> manual here.
> " A low bandwidth bidirectional channel can be established by using DNS. An
> applet is entitled to look up any hostname it needs. For an applet to
> communicate the message "xx yy zz" to its covert partner(say abc.com), the
> partner needs to run a modified DNS and the applet needs to perform a name
> lookup on a host called xx.yy.zz.abc.com. Since the request for this name
> translation is passed to the name server for the domain abc.com, the first part
> of the message can be extracted from it. Now, a DNS lookup expects a response,
> in the form of one or more four-byte addresses. This response can be modified
> like above and used to return the information, which can then be used in the
> applet. "
> Whew ! I told you :-) The book suggests further reading on the DNS mechanism,
> which I think will help a lot in clearing the process above.
> > What if the applet lies on the client machine as a  set of class files,
> > and when loaded into the browser it wants to communicate with
> > other machines?
> I think what I have quoted above should help in this aspect.


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