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Re: (how to fetch mac address) arp

>      I have made program in which each person has given unique username
> and password. Now anybody want to access the internet then he has to login
> to server.Now i want each person can access the net only from their
> dedicated machine which is alloted him/her. so i have made my
> based on IP. Now smart guy changes their IP address to use other person's
> account. So now i want to restrict them at their mac address.
poor fellows!!!! i hope that u r not trying to take part in the annual bofh
how many ppl wud like to change the ip of a machine to get net access???
neways u can use dhcp to get this same effect... u can assign ip addresses
using dhcp, and there u can program the mac address for each ip address!!!!
not a very elegent solution, but this is sure going to be much harder to

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