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Re: (how to fetch mac address) arp

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Abhas Abhinav wrote:

yes client are connected to server via ethernet.

     I have made program in which each person has given unique username
and password. Now anybody want to access the internet then he has to login
to server.Now i want each person can access the net only from their
dedicated machine which is alloted him/her. so i have made my authentication
based on IP. Now smart guy changes their IP address to use other person's
account. So now i want to restrict them at their mac address.        

> Hi Abhishek,
> >         I want to extend my program so server can authenticate clients
> > as per its mac address.Here my server is running on RH-6.1 and my clients
> > are windoze based..
> why do you want to "authenticate" users using the MAC address... I ask
> because every IP address is mapped to a unique MAC address and vice
> versa... (of course, if you're using IP aliasing then two IPs might be
> mapped to the same MAC adress... another thing is here i am assuming
> that clients are connected to the server via Ethernet...) if you could
> detail what sort of authentication you want na dfor what purpose, it
> might be easier to look into it... otherwise the IP address should work
> fine... 
> Abhas.
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