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[Announce] LI mailing lists restored


As all of you should have figured out by now the Linux India mailing lists
were down for over 3 days.  The hard disk on lists.linux-india.org started
getting corrupted and I decided to bring the machine down.  A quick
fsck-ing of the disk revealed that a lot of my configuration was lost.
Luckily, the subscriber lists for the various mailing lists and the
archives for most were intact.

I bought a new hard disk and installed Debian 2.2 / frozen / potato on it.
I am slowly recreating the environment that existed on this machine.  The
first step in this process is the recreation of the mailing lists.

Here are some notes about the recreated lists:

* The archives of linux-delhi were lost.  Raju (or anyone), if you have
mbox files of the archives, please email me.

* If you had ever set a password for your subscription to majordomo2, it
has been changed.  You will have to reset your password.

* The IRC server will be available in a couple of days.

* As far as I can tell, everything is fine.  If anything is not working
properly, please email me with full information.

* Some of the filtering for HTML and other formatted emails is lost.
Please bear with me as I recreate those filters from scratch.

Thank you for your patience.

Your Friendly List Admin