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Re: HTTP tunnel

> Hey Abhas, are you trying to say that the HTTP tunnel will rewrite to
> browser request before sending it to Squid...I an not very clear about
> it...

see it is this way... for the browser you tunnel is the proxy server..
(only you know otherwise)... so after you've got the request from the
browser, you can do some preliminary checking based on the url.. it
nothing is amiss you pass the url to to squid at its port.. but for this
your tunnel will have to behave as the HTTP client (browser) so youl
will have to pass the exact HTTP request to squid... after that let
squid do its work... when it gets the data back, it will give it to your
http tunnel program (it will always give it to whosoever gave the
request - here in this case it will always be you tunnel).. you program
can then take the data, tear it apart and hunt for whatever you want
to... if nothing suspective is found your tunnel acts a proxy and
forwards the data to the client.... (basically, an HTTP proxy is also a
sort of HTTP server... so your tunnel will also have to be one - nothing
much - just minimal...) ... so simply put... your client browser got
what it wanted... ok.. ? Now if you did find something wrong in the html
content, then you should simply log the url and ip of the client and
send a denied message...
hope this helps...