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Re: HTTP tunnel


Yeah it does print to browser.  But there was a peculiar problem I was facing...I
run this prog on the konsole, it runs for the first time properly but then after
the first request, the prog exits.  Then I again run it in the same shell, it
refuses to run....it runs again only after it run it again in anotehr shell...I
will have to check..

I did check out tinyproxy, but preferred to build my own wich I thought was
easier for this small thing rather than to go on to stand eachunderstand tinyproxy



>On Thu, 24 Aug 2000, Ajay Dudani wrote:
>> - My program is not able to write to browser
>	It *is* able to : )
>> - And on the same line, the data returned by squid also cannot be
>> written to browser, although when I print the squid returned data, it
>> prints it on the konsole....
>	The data returned by squid is also returned to browser.:-) The
>only thing is that the data is small. and might not be visible on browser.

>I changed the size of data to 10000 , and of course declared ch which
>wasn't, and voila... I was able to get the google search page  minus the
>logo, (the page was broken although, google's search page is a bit over 
>	The only problem with this proxy is that it does not allow
>multiple sessions. Maybe u might like to use select().
>	There are many small proxies available. You can download them and
>read how they work. I had tested two of them and both are compact and
>	simpleproxy  and  tinyproxy.
>	So cheer up, ur program is working just fine.... : )	
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