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Re: HTTP tunnel

Hi again,

Abhas Abhinav wrote:

> I get you point... lets see... using threads/fork would indeed enable
> you to service more connections.. By multi-threading/pr-forking your
> "tunnel" proxy server you can indeed handle more clients... however in
> the scenario you describe your proxy would also have to be a sort of
> HTTP client... it would take the URL form the client machine, scan it
> based on keywords and then using its HTTP client functions request the
> actual proxy (SQUID) to give the required URL to you... after you've
> searched the page you can simply forward that page to the client...
> however, this means that you are making a whole new proxy of you own -
> its not actually a tunnel any more...

Hey Abhas, are you trying to say that the HTTP tunnel will rewrite to
browser request before sending it to Squid...I an not very clear about

Well Abhas, say if I do something like this, get the request from the
browser i.e. ...something like

GET http://www.yahoo.com/ HTTP/1.0

then I just parse this thing.  If legitimate according to rules then
send the same thing to Squid else reply DENY to client.  I can always go
on without rewriting the request of the browser.  I will just forward
the browser request to Squid..not an HTTP client, just a HTTP request

 a j a y @crosswinds.net
 `+.,.+'     Ajay Dudani