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Re: Re: Shell-Creation.

At 8/18/00 3:11:00 PM, you wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>I was expecting few replies from all of U.
>Any more pointers to the same->, I want a shell
>which has root permissions of wring some system files under
>/etc, but should not have many other commands which usual shells
>Thanks in anticipation,
>Madhu Sudhan.S
>Dwivedi Ajay kumar wrote:
>> On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Madhu Sudhan.S wrote:
>> > Can any one on the list please educate me on how to Create a private
>> > Unix Shell of my own, allowing only a few basic simple commands on that
>>         There is a thing like  bash --restricted. It does restrict
>> changing the PATH variable and cd'ing above the home directory. I hope you
>> can set the PATH variable to ~/bin, copy the commands you want him to use
>> to ~/bin. The shell will not allow it to use the commands like /usr/bin or
>> anyother with a / in the command.
>> > to work on that, like the ls, cd, etc.,. Other commands, like su, etc.,
>> > should
>> > throw an error "Command not found".
>>         Hopefully reading the docs will give u the complete info.

make a simple program which runs on bash , accept commands ,strip off the path from the command (if 
any)  just add the path of dir where u keep the binaries u wanna run  & exec it . 
restricting CD to particular dir & its subdirs can be implemented using system calls . one way to do that 
is save CWD,, change to the specified dir , check if new  CWD starts with your home dir . if yes its ok 
else CD to old CWD & print error
do u want code ?
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reply soon

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