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Re: Shell-Creation.

Hi Madhu,
I had written a very simple simulation of Shell for demonstration in my old
days .... If u want, then I will send u the code.... (provided I have to search
my old archieve CDs)

It was written on the top of Linux-bash...

Archan Paul
Lateral Linux Labs

 On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Madhu Sudhan.S wrote:
> > Can any one on the list please educate me on how to Create a private
> > Unix Shell of my own, allowing only a few basic simple commands on that
> 	There is a thing like  bash --restricted. It does restrict
> changing the PATH variable and cd'ing above the home directory. I hope you
> can set the PATH variable to ~/bin, copy the commands you want him to use
> to ~/bin. The shell will not allow it to use the commands like /usr/bin or
> anyother with a / in the command.
> > to work on that, like the ls, cd, etc.,. Other commands, like su, etc.,
> > should
> > throw an error "Command not found".
> 	Hopefully reading the docs will give u the complete info.
> 	Bye and EnjoyLife.... 
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> 						Ajay kumar Dwivedi
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