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Re: Shell-Creation.

hi madhu
	i've a very simple, crude, barebones program that does a sort of
create a shell. i remember i used it to escape the command logging by bash
and also the display of commands by w.it's old and uses gets() which u r
not supposed to.
--------start of program------
void main()
	do {
		if (strcmp(str,"exit")==0)
	  } while 1;
	me thinks it works( it worked long ago) , but i dont know if it
has mistakes. *BUT YOU CANNOT USE ANY INTERNAL COMMANDS !!!!!! *. means
cd also wont work ! hope this gives u the idea ;-)


 On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Madhu Sudhan.S wrote:

> Hello Everybody,
> Can any one on the list please educate me on how to Create a private
> Unix Shell of my own, allowing only a few basic simple commands on that
> to work on that, like the ls, cd, etc.,. Other commands, like su, etc.,
> should
> throw an error "Command not found".
> Anticipating quick reply ......
> Regards
> Madhu Sudhan.S
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