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Re: Seeking a Linux or Unix programming guru for CTO position

OK, here's the new revised rule for Linux-Delhi at least:

If you or anyone else is directly going to make money from the results
of your posting, you d*mn well better put a [COMMERCIAL] tag in the
godd*mn subject line or I'll be over to your house to break both your
kneecaps and bloody your nose in the bargain, you total loser.  I will
also cancel your subscription to the mailing list and put your name,
e-mail address and home page on a prominent ``List of Top
Netiquette-Impaired People Whom I Have Met'' on the Linux-Delhi site
and all other sites I control.

Hope that looks more like a rule, Ruchir.  Thank you for letting us
know that politeness doesn't work with some people... oops, I said
``thank you''! :-)


-- Raju

>>>>> "Ruchir" == Ruchir Tewari <ruchir_tewari@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Ruchir> I agree with Naban. The clause to put a Commercial tag is
    Ruchir> just a request with a 'please', not even a rule.  Calling
    Ruchir> it an offense and giving a warning and a threat to boot,
    Ruchir> is what crossed the bounds of politeness, rather than the
    Ruchir> mail of the original poster. The original post is quite
    Ruchir> on-topic and relevant IM-not-so-HO, compared to all the
    Ruchir> other nonsense that is discussed here. If it had to be
    Ruchir> said, it should have been in a more polite manner and in a
    Ruchir> private mail.

    Ruchir> regards, - Ruchir

Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/