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Re: Changing the subject from `Members'

Nagarjuna G. rearranged electrons thusly:

> None of you have answered the query of our Israeli friend.  I am not
> doing either at the moment.  But please, these things are making the
> list appear less serious, while we are not.  Wake up folks, let us do
> some serious talk. With apologies to the Israeli friend who would be
> curious to see the replies with the subject `Members', but would find
> very different matter.
Heck, cascades like this are a fairly regular part of lists / newsgroups :)
Anyway, there's a lot of linux development (and even more linux usage) going
on here in India.  http://www.pcquest.com/linux has more than enough articles
on this (and a search for india and linux on google - or better still, on
linuxworld.com, say - fetches some great results)


Suresh Ramasubramanian  <-->  mallet <at> efn <dot> org
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