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Re: rants, rants and more rants

Hi all,
   well, while agreeing with Vilas, i did unsubscribe
from this list last week & subscribed to the
linux-india-programmers. guess what. for the whole of
last week i should have receive aprox 25 mails over
their.. just yestarday i came back to this list,
simply because there was no activity on the
programmers list. And over night i got 38 mails here..
most of them i couldn't even read throught , cause
they lack substance.

    This makes me wonder. What exactly the people in
this list have to discuss, apart from what is happing
right now :).. any sugestions??

    By the way, what is happening with linux-india.com

--- Vilas Kumar Chitrakaran <vilask@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> These days due to time constraints, I read the LIG
> mails only occasionally.
> What I see most of the times aren't any intellectual
> discussion on anything
> but rants like this. Considering that I get about 50
> mails from LIG in my
> inbox everyday, half of which is crap like this, I
> am considering
> unsubscription. Compare this to other highly useful
> newsgroups like the ones
> for QNX and you will know what I mean.
> Vilas Kumar Chitrakaran
> Vilas Kumar Chitrakaran
> Graduate Assistant
> Clemson University
> http://www.ece.clemson.edu/crb/students/vilas
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Saurabh Garg" <saurabhgarg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > >         I am not against mirrors, but THIS aint
> no way to propagate
> Linux
> > in
> > > premature India. And you can keep this statement
> in your records. Arre,
> > just
> >
> > Linux in India is definitely maturing. I wish you
> too do.
> >

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