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Re: Atul - Read This!

well Tarique, thank you very much for that senti kinda stuff.

Actually you are very right, he cannot be GOD, but he is The Great Atul
--------- I wonder God must also be needing to contact him for linux
problems - kyon Atul theek bol raha hoon naaaaaaa

I have not seen God and I have not seen Atul but now I am very sure both of
them are gonna be at my back whenever I need them.

Ashish Grover

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> On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Ashish wrote:
> Hi Ashish,
> > that I am in temple of LINUX with Atul Chitnis as our God.
> Sorry to disappoint you BUT my experiences of Mr Atul Chitnis as god has
> led to nothing but disillusionment.
> How can a person be god if he really stoops to help someone.
> How can a person be god if he really feels the need to be fair to all the
> people around him.
> How can a person be god if he lets mere mortals question his motive.
> How can a person be god if he is available on LICQ for his friends, for
> that matter how can a person be god if he has friends.
> How can a person be god if he tells me that I can be just as good!
> How can a person be god if he patiently sits online instructing mewell
> past midnight while I recover data from my crashed HDD.
> No Ashish - he is not god, he is a "MAN"
> - Tarique
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