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LINK: Linux Newbie Administrator Guide...

******************FORWARDED MESSAGE**************************


We are pleased to announce that the "Linux Newbie Administrator Guide"
has been significantly updated again. The webpage is:


Linux Newbie Administrator Guide is an extensive reference for new Linux
users wishing to set up and maintain their own Linux desktop computer, or
administer a small home or office network. The answers which the guide
contains are meant to be simple and with just sufficient detail, yet they
may be useful to not-so-new Linux users. We believe that our Guide is the
BEST Linux newbie reference on the Internet :)). Our summary of Linux
commands (http://sunsite.dk/linux-newbie/Linux_commands.htm) appears to be
particularly popular.

Since the last public announcement 6 months ago, the volume of the Guide
has increased by ~30% and it now consists of over 200 printed pages. For
convenient off-line reading, the pdf and postscript versions of the guide
are available for download from the same web page. Also, the complete html
version can be downloaded for installation on your local machine, if so
desired. Parts of the Guide are also available in Russian, Chinese and

We aim to create a complete Linux reference (free licence) and we believe
that we are approximately 60% through--the work is still very much in
progress. We  welcome your corrections, advice, criticism, links,
translations, and CONTRIBUTIONS. Pls note that there are no ad banners on
our home page.

Hope our guide is of help to you. Best regards,

Stan J. Klimas, Deep River, Ont, Canada