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LINK: Linux mailing lists (international)

Linux Unlimited Linux Mailing Lists 
Linux Unlimited sponsors several Linux-related mailing lists for the
convenience of it's customers. Most of these lists are low-volume, and all
offer digest versions, archiving, auto-subscription, automated bounce
handling, and other modern mailing list features. One feature of note: the
lists do NOT set the reply-to field, so to reply to the whole list instead
of the original sender, you must use the "Reply All" feature of your mail
client. The Linux Unlimited mailing lists are as follows:

linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Discussion of issues related to Linux
Unlimited's hardware and software products for Linux. 
linux-digest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Digest version of above. 
linux-alert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Security alert list for Linux
Unlimited Support Customers only. 
linux-alert-digest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Digest version of above. 
linux-train@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Information about Linux Unlimited
Training Classes 

To subscribe to one of these mailing lists, send a message to:


The list server will send you back a confirmation request, which you must
reply to in order to actually be added to the list. The linux-alert lists
above are restricted to Linux Unlimited technical support customers only,
and your application may be rejected if you are not currently on a support
contract with Linux Unlimited.