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Re: Citibank blocks Netscape on Linux!

On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Arun Sharma wrote:

> Do you know if they do it based to the browser string or some feature,
> say - lack of encryption algo whizbang or XML 10.x ?

Browser string, apparently. I fired up Opera reporting itself as Opera,
and it bombed. Told it to say "Mozilla" and it bombed. Tried reporting
as MSIE 5.0 and it worked, but the SSL bombed.

> If it's the browser string - it's easy to fool them. Just get the
> latest  version of Mozilla and use a browser string that matches IE.

Yeah, but the issue isn't that - conning them into letting me in is one
way of doing it, but the fundamental thing is - I have used NS+Linux on
Citibank for more than a year without issues, and all of a sudden they
claim I am incompatible???? (And Udhay - Java + Jscript both turned on,
plus Opera went in and it *doesn't have Java support).

CitiDirect Internet Banking

Sorry. Your browser can't handle CitiDirect Internet Banking.

Kindly upgrade your browser to version 4.0 or above(MSIE or Netscape).

For more information please visit the following URL
http://www.citibank.com/india/suvidha/and see the PC Banking Section.


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