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Re: Citibank blocks Netscape on Linux!

Atul Chitnis wrote: [ on 05:42 PM 3/9/01 +0530 ]

As of today, I can no longer my credicard account at Citibank because they
say my browser is not supported! I am using Netscape 4.76 under Linux. You
can try this yourself - go to http://www.citibank.co.in and try to log in
as guest.

Were you able to do this earlier ? Anything change in your setup ? I ask because the citibank site needs _both java and javascript_ turned on in order to work, which sucks from a security standpoint. jscript is used to open a new https window, and java for the sucky little scroller they have *within* the https window. Either java or jscript being turned off results in the error message you mention. At least they still use 128-bit encryption...


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