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Re: Cochin, Exocore, Atul, Linux-India and Everything

Raju Mathur rearranged electrons thusly:

> providing this service to all of us at no cost, in public.  Sure, all
> of us have issues with everyone else.  I don't like Nikhil's face.  I
> don't like Suresh's .signature.  I don't like Atul's method of playing

.sig trimmed - just for you :)

> If you have a point to make, please make it without bringing
> personalities and/or organisations into it.  If the webmaster makes a
> decision, it's a collective decision.  Atul, Exocore and Exocore
> employees have nothing to do with that decision.
Well, I don't know about that.  The webmaster can - and should - make
decisions.  However, he can definitely expect to see such decisions questioned
on the list.  

Also, from recent posts on the list, Ragu is not the only person who feels that
way (and the poster who expressed his opinion is hardly "a kid fresh out of

Fine, Ragu was definitely wrong to abuse people all around instead of just
stating his case, but the fact remains that at least one other cochin lug
member feels that he had a valid point to make and is not just making it
because he's crazy / uncivilized / has an axe to grind etc.

So, yeah ... a webmaster's decision on behalf of a community has to be open to
scrutiny by the community.

> I do not support Atul Chitnis, Exocore or any Exocore employee as an
> individual or a corporation.  If I am friends or at loggerheads with

I know that.


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