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COMMENT: Network Computing on Linux...

For those who might be curious, this is what one of our active members of 
ILUG-Goa wrote about the CD... -FN in Goa.

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Subject: [ilug-goa] news Server & more
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 01:25:02 +0530
From: "Lawrence J. D'souza" <lawrie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ilug-goa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

fred hi

check out the networking computing mag.  there's a lot of stuff that is
bundled in there news servers, reader..etc. INN, CNews, (Leafnode is the
default news server for debian)
oops .. the cd also contains desktop e.g. gnome, ice. etc.   no kde.
 the sad part is it does not work on my system as xf86configure does not
recognize my sis 620 video card and my mouse. which works fine with all
other distributions.
a lot of programs we are familiar with in RH (kid stuff) are missing in Deb.
to sum it up its dynamite packed with some of the best goodies u might want.

\ ^ / Lawrie

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