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Re: [Long Post] Time to clean up this town.

On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 10:45:45PM +0530, Nikhil Datta wrote:
> Some things here are making me a little sick. To start with Suresh, you


You needn't have bothered. I have realised that ppl's attitudes will *not* be
changed by even the most impassioned or logical arguments. People will believe
what they want to believe. Enough mud has been flung that it will not be wiped
off. The reputations of Atul, you, me and anybody else associated with exocore
have been permanently damaged by this affair. It is fact we will have to live

Can we now drop this? The DNS issue can be resolved by whoever takes over from
Atul. Our reputations will have to fix themselves. I suppose any of you who come
down to Bangalore can drop by and find out how rotten we are in person. :-)

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