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Re: [somewhat OT] Hotmail funda

Diwakar Ranganathan rearranged electrons thusly:

> security. time and again - almost once in a month in
> Wired - we see some kind of bug in hotmail reported in
> the newspapers. when there's yahoo which gives you pop

Oh well ... it's not as bad as the newspapers make it out to be, you know ...

> thanks for Saurabh for reminding me about Outlook
> Express, the gateway of viruses. the same applies to
> Outlook Express too!
OE can be secured extensively against anything except user idiocy.  Takes a lot
of work though :)

> (i've even told my friends that i wont read or reply
> to their mails if they're sent from a hotmail account)
heh :)  not a bad idea ...


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