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RE : IITK Linux mirror

 Ruchir flushed out ---

 > 1. there are existing respectable mirrors with 1Mbps bandwidth.
 >    it's not a small bandwidth at all to be starting off with and
 >    is more than what most other insitutes in Kanpur currently have.

        I am sorry, but you've got the wrong impressions. I am not arguing
 against the initiative. 1Mbps is enough alright. But you've got to look at
 the incoming bandwidth too. Consider this > if IITK has 200 simultaneous
 internet users each using about 33 kbps, then the required BW comes to
 6Mbps. Besides, I can tell you that browsing in IITK is very very slow in
 the afternoons and evenings. Which implies that people logging onto the
 server/mirror will experience slow connects and disconnects.

 > 4. IIT-M mirror which allows 50 connections is rarely filled up.
 >    I've tried logging in several times and each time I'm the only one !

       Maybe if you mirror only LDP, docs, there wouldnt be that many
 connects. But once you start mirroring utils and kernels, you've got to
 think about it radically. After all as the company in the film AntiTrust
 abbreviates to NURV:- Never Underestimate Radical Vision.
 > 5. mirroring from Kanpur would make it feasible for a lot of people
 >    in and around Kanpur, Lucknow and elsewhere to get easier/faster
 >    access to linux content than possible currently, leading to faster
 >    snowballing of the linux in India.

       Linux aint losing because of slow mirrors and the like. In fact, most
 of the Linux enthusiasts dont even have Internet connectivity. Linux is
 slowing down because of the lack of support groups and community. Believe
 me, I've been to most of the computer institutes @ Kanpur. The students
 wanna try Linux out but are overwhelmed by issues like i810 support, AGP,
 etc. rather than where to get their files from. And yes, even though I am
 working very very hard for Linux penetration in Kanpur, the IITK fellows
 aren't even responding. I was the first in Kanpur to think of involving my
 engineering school for this; the idea of Linux mirrors and a link on
 IITK.ac.in is *as i feel* instigated by my Institute's unofficial site @
 Please dont think I'm starting a Linux anarchy here just like in Cochin
 case, But IITK can really spearhead this cause. They just dont like to

 > 6. IITK website is quite an oft visited site and just the fact that
 >    there is a linux link from it will help growth of linux awareness.

     Links dont help. As I said, in Kanpur, (most of UP), the Internet
 connectivity is rather poor. And people start thinking of phone bills
 than download even 10MB. You need offline initiative if you really wanna
 succeed. The air-conditioned IITK server cant help Linux penetration.

 > 7. the above reasons are especially important in Kanpur, because
 >   computer literacy in U.P and surrounding areas is much smaller than
 >   say in Hyderabad or Bangalore. linux growth will also help in
 >   computer and internet growth picking up steam.

      Should I elucidiate more?????

 > so please don't argue against setting up a mirror there ASAP
 > and with whatever resources are available.

     I am just saying that you need offline efforts. Can any of the IITK
 *technofreaks* visit a residence in Rawatpur (10 Km) and help the boy in
 installing Linux or connecting to the net. You've got to think radically.
 IITK can do a lot more than just setting up mirrors, which excuse me, even
 could do when I was in the XII class. Mirrors are for lesser mortals. IITK
 should try something offline and enthusiastic. How about lending its
 lecture hall for the first LUG Kanpur meet.???
 As for Mirror, IITK can always count on me *blush* for any support I can
 provide. I am not a stumbling block. I just want them to do more. A mirror
 in IITK is as good as a mirror in Madras (especially since as according to
 you it is free all the time).

 Saurabh Garg
 < http://www.geocities.com/ietk_csjmu/sgarg.htm >