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Re: Re: IITK Linux mirror

HI All,
          It's a happy ending after all. We are all seeing reason in each
other now. Glad to know that IITK has agreed for the mirror and is eager to
provide support for the LUG to be.
    I seem to have been grossly misunderstood when I said "HAVE YOU BEEN??"
All I wanted to say was " Are your facts based on field experience or not?"
By field experience I meant interaction with the ordinary bandwidthless
people. Its easy for institutional users to visualize hefty downloads and
stuff, but the real next door ordinary kid just doesnt want to go technical.
He wants to play games, watch VCDs, learn Java etc. on his Linux. Tell him
he's gotta compile or download anything, and there goes an enthusiastic
Linux newbie ! Besides, as far as I have seen, people try installing Linux
from the PC Quest CDs. They are very common everywhere and even CyberCafe
owners lend them out. This was all I wanted to say.
    No ego probs really. On the contrary, I pity my low capability and
caliber. Its just that when you are on a text console, your emotions are not
what they exactly are, or are more represented by words, which requires
eloquence. I lack that :)
You seem to be mis-understood and misjudged really ! I wasnt saying that I
have done much for Linux. In fact even the average first year'ite @ IITK is
more adept at Linux than people like us can get in 4 years time ! So please,
dont develop negative notions. I am not that brash. And yes, true feelings
dont come by words.

Saurabh Garg