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[Commerical] : Linux Jobs @ Bangalore w/ Good Benifits.

[Commerical] : Linux Jobs @ Bangalore w/ Good Benifits.
[not a spam so please don't flame me or spam me with resumes that don't match 
below req]

hi all,
         for any pro's intrested in working for a cool new linux only company 
located at bangalore(hq'ed in US) please contact me at root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

here are the excate details :

Linux Web Application Developers
           - 2+ yrs experience working on software/web projects 
           for oversees clients 
           - hardcore experienced in UNIX/Linux, PHP, Mysql 
           - company headquartered in US 
           - If not experienced in PHP then Perl, and a relational 
           - Offshore project work and project management 
           experience a plus 
           - Good communication skills 
Graphics and Web content author 
           - 2-3yrs developing content and doing graphic design 
           for websites 
           - company headquartered in US 
           - experienced in html, dhtml, flash, scripting - 
           - creativity highly skills nessary
           - Linux use nessary   
           - Good english language and communcation skills 

Country Director 
           - 5+ years experience working on software/web 
           projects for overseas clients 
           - company headquartered in US 
           - experienced in project management (SEI CMM level 5) 
           and offshore project work 
           - Business development capability a ++ 
           - Linux knowdgle a pluse
           - Good communication skills 

Generous Composation and Benifits, OpenSource Developers/Freelancers more 
than welcome:-)
Virtually yours, 
73's, VU2CLN, ICQ : 4779564 | root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
|"There is something much more scarce, something rarer than ability. 
| It is the ability to recognize ability." - Robert Half |