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Re: Re: The LUGs in India

Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:

> And regards, local LUGs getting kicked out and all that,
> I don't see what's the big issue?

The reason for kicking out a local LUG for its local decision
is the thorn here and that too by an individual whim/fancy with
no notice to boot. You are contradicting yourselves by saying
this.  You are seen saying towards the end of this mail that 
support from a central body is needed to promote GNU/Linux in
India to keep up with the Microsofts/Intels.

> Linux India is an unofficial gathering of people. People just 
> come together on their own free will, to meet people who could 
> help them, who could talk with them about the same passion 
> and in general hang together. 

Yes, very true.  Not to bump each other off for petty reasons of
not participating in some mela/ITCom.  But the opposite is
taking place now, people assuming full powers of Linux-India are
bumping off Groups which have been formed against heavy odds.
Can you see a good reason for this removal from the main LI 
page ?

> Why are you so worked up about "getting legitimacy" from LIH 
> site or even LIH people?

You have yourselves given an answer for this question towards
the end and it is this as per your thought-process:
> we DO need a central body with a large weight to push Linux,
> but I see it is going to take quite a bit of time. Till then
> we can all see to it that the local LUGS get stronger, and 
> start making a difference to their own cities, before reaching
> for the sky.

> We would know how well you are doing. 

We were doing well until this "Shitcore" director started bossing 
and bumping around.  Nobody knows how he got his powers, maybe his
"Shitcore" company was hosting the main page and this made him
eligible for farting and mucking around as if he were the Messiah

> Seriously, all these talks about registrations of societies and 
> local chapters is not going to work out, if these in-fighting keeps
> happening.

This "Shitcore" director was seen predicting this at the start of 
the LI-Reg process.  He does not want this to happen and that is why
he has started weeding out unwanted elements/local Groups from his
*personal property*.

> Let all LUGS remain independent bodies and LIH be just a place for
> unofficial discussions

How can this happen if some self-appointed "giant" starts messing
around and fucks our arses by not making us remain co-hesive and 
together ?

> Till then we can all see to it that the local LUGS get stronger, 
> and start making a difference to their own cities, before reaching 
> for the sky.

The message being conveyed is just the opposite.  Divide and rule is
the order of the day here !!  Obey or get lost....

> We need to be together in all these efforts ... let's fight on these
> issues for a change.

We have to.  The issue is can we be together and fight it out ??

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