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Re: Re: The LUGs in India


I am getting tired of seeing such hate mail regularly on LIG. I know
this is the *general* mailing list, but there should be a self-imposed
limit! Some people are getting even sickeningly abusive>

And regards, local LUGs getting kicked out and all that, I don't see
what's the big issue?

If you are the "legitimate" representative LUG from Kanpur, well you
are doing well already!! You have similar people under one roof!

Linux India is an unofficial gathering of people. So far as I gather,
it is not even a registered body. People just come together on their
own free will, to meet people who could help them, who could talk with
them about the same passion, and in general hang together. 

Why are you so worked up about "getting legitimacy" from LIH site or
even LIH people? If you folks have managed to get the city folks come
together and share, well ... that's what the LUG is all about! You
have achieved your target ... Put up a website, mailing-list, ftp
servers etc., and tell others about it  here ... We would know how
well you are doing. 

Seriously, all these talks about registrations of societies and local
chapters is not going to work out, if these in-fighting keeps
happening. Let all LUGS remain independent bodies, and LIH be just a
place for unofficial discussions. 

I know I am not making sense because
we DO need a central body with a large weight to push Linux, but I see
it is going to take quite a bit of time. Till then we can all see to
it that the local LUGS get stronger, and start making a difference to
their own cities, before reaching for the sky.

There are so many ideas. Like going on a school-to-school Linux
introduction spree, or hitting the colleges - promising volunteer
support for their Linux labs(I get really pissed seeing Microsoft and
intel labs in "leading" colleges. They ARE catching them young!).
Like Raj keeps saying at our linux-delhi meets - "If you come up with
an idea, it's your baby. You got to see that it works out". What say
Raj? How about adding this to our agenda in our next meet?

We need to be together in all these efforts ... let's fight on these
issues for a change.

Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com