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Re: The LUGs in India

[Bit of garbage spew-ed herein...grossly ON-TOPIC]

Saurabh Garg posts:

> Your dropping of the Cochin LUG from the DNS listing clearly
> proves that if the LUGmaster is not from Exocore then the LUG
> is doomed.

If the LUGmaster is not from this *fuckall* company, your LUG is
not only doomed but also 'pathetic'.  Better join this before
things turn out real bad for your Group.  If this dud has got a
hold on your Group via a pliable Co-ordinator, then you are
saved.  I should say that Exocore is full of shit to its core !!
I have said this because one of the Director's has pushed me
into spewing filth by bumping ILUG-Cochin (Kochi) off the main
LI page.

> making efforts to do something for Linux in Kanpur. For that 
> I will first have to get into your company. Bangalore LUG is 
> favored as it is run by** you know who**

You are clued.  Bangalore LUG is run by groupies who work their
balls & brains out for a goodie IT sweat job called "EXOCORE".
This company is not promoting GNU/Linux in India, it is there to
promote itself and make some money on the sly.  I am for them
making money for services rendered but see what they are doing.
They are just paid hacks writing for PC Quest and nothing more.
Writing in PC Quest makes this guy visible, it seems.  He says
that !!  Over and above that, this "FuckAll Director" is bumping
us off for no valid reason with his big "SHITCORE" tag on !!

> My LUG Kanpur listing was recently dropped from the database; 
> reason was that someone had filed a complaint!

Can you bet on who did that ?  Kanpur is sunk man, you are a
pathetic, whining lot like us Kochi guys....next in line is 

> Or should I mail you my resume???? I am not pointing my stained 
> finger at you (i wanna be just like you), but

You can never be like Atul Chitnis.  Here is a knight who is
standing outside with his Shining Armor(tm), very clueful and
very smart.  He seems to spit out saying, "I pity you Saurabh, you
have to eat out of my hands...You can never be the knight in 
Shining Armor (tm).  Our ShitCore company will see to it that
you are doomed.  All have to eat out from our hands".

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