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The LUGs in India

Hello all Linux-ians,
                              This is something serious. Is Exocore
Consulting the only authority authorised to run LUGs in India???? If not,
then what is the perpetual thread of evil designs. And if yes, who gave them
the right.
        I may be very young to talk to Mr. Atul, but seeing his last reply
almost made me sulk once again for being an Indian. Why does he have to talk
so authoritatively and airfully, when his entire contribution to Linux as a
whole has been ZERO, and that to Linux in India only been of writing
articles about it in PC Quest !
        Sir, please dont get any negative ideas, but the usual thread about
you and your careless reply made me think so, even though I highly value
you, as you might have observed by my mails which you never replied to. Your
dropping of the Cochin LUG from the DNS listing clearly proves that if the
LUGmaster is not from Exocore then the LUG is doomed. I disdain myself for
making efforts to do something for Linux in Kanpur. For that I will first
have to get into your company. Bangalore LUG is favored as it is run by**
you know who**
        My LUG Kanpur listing was recently dropped from the database; reason
was that someone had filed a complaint!
Please suggest what I should do next. Or should I mail you my resume???? I
am not pointing my stained finger at you ( i wanna be just like you ), but
you know how it feels when you are surrounded by a negative energy circle.


Saurabh Garg
< http://www.geocities.com/ietk_csjmu/sgarg.htm >