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Re: Evil Designs by a _noble_ soul ?

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Raghavendra Bhat wrote:

> Listers, we have not yet seen an answer from Atul Chitnis:

I have had enough of this pathetic whining, and have removed the entry for
cochin.linux-india.org altogether.

The reasons for the original redirection (a split into two factions by the
Cochin LUG over patrticipation in IT.COM, and LI's unwillingness to be
seen supporting either faction over the other) are clearly documented in
ilug-cochin's mailing list on eGroups.

I am no longer interested in becoming some people's favourite scapegoat
for the ills of this world. I therefore request someone else (responsible
and without a commercial/political axe to grind, please) to sponsor and
run the DNS and web hosting of linux-india.org. (Please note - hosting
Linux-india.org does *not* automatically promote you as the leader of the
free world).

My company will continue to sponsor DNS and webservices until an
acceptable alternative can be found.

I recommend that Raj Mathur for this.

With this, "President" Rag00 no longer has *any* reason to post such
offensive, disruptive, insulting and politically motivated messages on the
LI lists as he has for years. (In fact, it now gives him very little
reason to do *anything* anymore)

I will not respond to any further messages from "President" Rag00, and for
the sake of sanity of this list, I request all of you to take the same
stand. If he (as we all know he will) comes back with the usual garbage
(as he has for years), it will be up to the community to decide on the
merits of his spewings.

Given the history of attacks on me, my collegues and my company on the LI
lists in misguided attempts to establish a "giant-killer" reputation for
the attacker (and no, I do not consider myself a giant), I hope that you
understand my decision to reduce my commitment to Linux India (not

I thank Linux India for the (mis)trust (mis)placed in me in letting me
host linux-india.org and allowing me to be involved in a few events that
bore the LI name, and wish the next Sacrificial Goat(tm) of
Linux-india.org the best of luck.

I will continue to do my bit for Linux whenever I can, and wherever I am
allowed to. This includes participation in discussions about *Linux* on
this list.


Atul Chitnis       | achitnis@xxxxxxxxxxx (PGP:6011BCB8)
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