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Re: Fwd: Re: Application for the post Java developer

> While the states in South have tried to mend their ways by giving engg.
> edu a lift, the condition is abysmal here in the North. So called Govt.
> engg. colleges dont have any placements, they are run just for the sake of
> engraving ministers names on the foundation and all the crap. There are
> scams everywhere.
But the southern states produce a majority of crap ( I mean it-- I am sorry
if it hurts any one), because there are virtually no good teachers.. and
also facilities, at all in most of those colleges... They are only Paper
spinners.. Only those who are enterprising are coming out unscathed, and the
rest are all just junk.. I do not know why the Indian govt treats  all
Primary/secondary and Higher education ( both basic sciences and technical)
so callously.... IMHO these colleges ( specifically engg) are all there for
getting a paper degree and satisfying the need of American Universities..
What a pity that we are feeding someone , while neglecting our own country..