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Re: Fwd: Re: Application for the post Java developer

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, maricha wrote:

> But the southern states produce a majority of crap ( I mean it-- I am sorry
> if it hurts any one), because there are virtually no good teachers.. and
> also facilities, at all in most of those colleges... They are only Paper
> spinners..

Bit sweeping statement, I'd say.

For one thing, the quality of *teachers* is secondary - the quality of the
*students* (or their willingness to learn) is more important. Otherwise
explain to me why (given the same educational facilities) some people
shine, and some do not.

Trying to point fingers at north/south or east/west is not really a good
argument, since it does not hold water anymore, especially in 21st century

In places like Bangalore, Chennai, etc. which are now so cosmopolitan in
nature, you cannot point at a person and say "he is from the south" or
"she is from the north" based on his education, occupation or background.

Regionalism is phenomenon only employed by politicians these days, and
even they hesitate to do this now.

It is also an interesting thing to note that almost all IT companies have
their middle management *apparently* staffed by people from the south,
while the owners/CEOs are from the north (if one goes by their names).

In reality, these people have had their education in IITs, IIMs and other
national institutions, and have had *some* education abroad.

Given this kind of mix, it is impossible to claim success/failure for
education in the north/south. ;-)

So speaketh the Maharashtrian from Karnataka, born and schooled in
Germany, educated in a Military school, after which he did his mechanical
engineering in Karnataka, only to be professionally active in the IT
industry, and who intends to settle down in Goa when his work is run. ;-)


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