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[jeebesh@sarai.net: CODE film screening]

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Sarai New Media Initiative welcome you to the premier screening of 
the film CODE directed by Hannu Puttonen on the 10th anniversary of 
Linus Torvalds uploading of the Linux kernel on  the net.

Film : CODE
Screening: Sarai, CSDS, 29, Rajpur Road, Delhi 54
Day: 17th September, Monday
Time: 6.30 PM

The director will be present to introduce and discuss the film.

The Code
Finland  2001
55 min

The Code is a documentary about the open source and free software 
movement, as well as about the Linux code development process. 
Started a by a 21-year-old Finnish computer science student in 1991, 
Linux became the biggest co-operation project within the Internet, as 
well in the world history in general. The film features some of the 
key members of the community, like Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, 
Eric Raymond, Alan Cox, Jon 'maddog' Hall, Miguel de Icaza and Robert 
Young. Linux continues the long tradition of hacker (meant here in 
its original, positive sense) culture of sharing code. Its story and 
value structure make up a symbolic tale during the age of 
post-industrial capitalism. The director says:

"I guess you have to be a hacker in order to understand the specific 
mindset. To rebel against the idea, that the underlying source code 
for a computer operating system should be withheld. In the end, the 
concept of free software concerns not only the code: it is about 
freedom, sharing,
and community - about creation, beauty, and 'having fun'. Besides 
this, examples of superior technology have been created within free 
software projects. This 'open source' attitude doesn´t mix smoothly 
with the concept of free market economy. It is also a threat to 
traditional concepts of copyright and intellectual property. 
Companies like Microsoft, that base their business on closed source 
code, have tactically moulded free software into an image of a 
monster of almost mccarthyian
proportions. All this made up one of the strangest success stories of 
the 1990´s and the early stages of the new millennium, epitomized by 
the community´s gifted leader and invaluable icon, who planted the 
seed for a movement whose ramifications continue to spread."

	Hannu Puttonen

	Film Credits:

Script and directing: Hannu Puttonen
Production: Kaarle Aho / Making Movies Oy
Cinematography: Arto Kaivanto
Editing: Kimmo Kohtamäki
Animation: Otso Pakarinen
Special film effects and additional camera work: Seppo Renvall
Sound recordist: Pirkko Tiitinen
Music: Pertti Grönholm, Brandi Ifgray & Tuomo Puranen
Distributor & Print source: Making Movies (Finland)
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