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[HUMOUR] The Gospel of Tux

Gospel of Tux unearthed (long)

Every generation has a mythology. Every millenium has a doomsday
cult. Every legend gets the distortion knob wound up until the speaker
melts.  Archeologists at the University of Helsinki today uncovered
what could be the earliest known writings from the Cult of Tux, a
fanatical religious sect that flourished during the early Silicon Age,
around the dawn of the third millenium AD...


Now in those days there was in the land of Helsinki a young scholar
named Linus the Torvald.  Linus was a devout man, a disciple of RMS
and mighty in the spirit of Turing, von Neumann and Moore. One day as
he was meditating on the Architecture, Linus fell into a trance and
was granted a vision. And in the vision he saw a great Penguin, serene
and well-favoured, sitting upon an ice floe eating fish. And at the
sight of the Penguin Linus was deeply afraid, and he cried unto the
spirits of Turing, von Neumann and Moore for an interpretation of the

And in the dream the spirits of Turing, von Neumann and Moore answered
and spoke unto him, saying, "Fear not, Linus, most beloved hacker. You
are exceedingly cool and froody. The great Penguin which you see is an
Operating System which you shall create and deploy unto the earth.

[end excerpt]

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