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[COMMERCIAL]: Job Posting

Ladies and Gentleman
    My company is looking for a Project Manager to head our website with
exceptionally high skills.
    And the Reason why I am spamming you all and not doing it via a
recruitment agency is because we sincerely believe that the kind of guys we
are looking for are do not send resumes to recruitment agencies but lurk
around lists like this.
    Why should you consider us? here are my top 10 reasons for you:

    10    Very encouraging culture towards Linux and Open Source initiative.
We CONTRIBUTE a lot to open source projects as individuals and team.

    9    Highly young and talented group of colleagues. Average age of team
is 24. 80% of team is of IIT-ians.

    8    Very challenging work.  we guarantee this. In the breadth and depth
of technologies you will work with this, we promise you cannot get a better

    7    SIMULATING WORK ENVIRONMENT. high focus on creativity and
innovation. almost no beauracracy. very informal work culture. nobody has
cubicles in the office. not even the top boss. everybody gets the same
furniture and office facilities. there is absolutely NO DRESS CODE (just
cover your private parts !!). we believe in letting our employees express
their individuality. some of guys come to office in kurta pajamas or shorts.

    6    NO FIXED TIMINGS. its not just flexi-timing. we believe in giving
complete freedom to our employees as long as they get the work done. COME
ANY TIME AND GO ANY TIME FROM OFFICE as long as  you give 50 hours a week
and meet your targets. (some of our guys come in and 5 in the evening and go
back at 9 in the morning as daily routing. half of the company comes at
lunch time and stays back way after dinner)

    5    Very tolerant culture towards computer games, MP3, chatting and all
the geeky stuff. we regularly hold quake and doom LAN parties.

    4    Enough geeky excursions every month. Last week two of our guys did
about 1400 km on bike in 4 days (over Himalayas!!) And week before that 3 of
our guys did 3 day of continuous walking (camping and all). you will  never
be short of things to do.

    3    FREE FOOD. did I mention that your lunch, dinner and breakfast (and
all beverages) are on the company?  no money deducted from salary. its all
on the house !! if you are feeling hungry just pick up phone and dial any
restaurant in town. company pays !! and the company also provides bedroom
and shower if you feel like sleeping? (no questions on WHEN you want to
sleep even if its 10 in morning, if you are feeling sleepy just go to bed
room and sleep - or if you prefer sleep on your chair, no issues with us)

    2    A multinational company with offices in India and US. Start-up
funded by Draper - one of the best known names in the industry. (the same
guys who funded Hotmail and many other big companies).

    1    And the best salary that you can get in India (WE PROMISE THIS) !!

Naturally we are not just looking for ANYBODY (just the best, please). We
spend lot of time in getting our guys and then shower them with the best
salary and money to make sure they not just stay but work at the top
To get in here, you have to REALLY GOOD in understanding technical concepts
and implementing them.
You should have lots of hands-on exposure Apache, Linux, Cobalt, BSD and
Windows 2000 (no technology is taboo or sacred for us. we don't believe in
tying ourselves to one technology be it open source or closed. we believe in
just working with the best available for our needs.)
You should know Apache inside out as that's where most of our work is done
(we just completed writing our second custom Apache module)
Enough understanding of how servlets and JSP work ( if you can code them.
all the better) with Apache.
Programming experience in at least one scripting language (Perl, Python,
sed, VB.... we don't care)
Understanding of complex web sites are managed. You will be expected to
co-ordinate with a team of graphic designers, backend programmers, content
writers and QA team. You will be expected to write scripts, create processes
and make sure that the whole machine works. some of these people will be
based in US. you will have to co-ordinate it all. YOU WILL HEAD THE TEAM.
THIS IS A RESPONSIBLE JOB. you will get a company cellphone and will be on
call 24/7. It will be your job to make sure that web site stays up all the
time and customer experiences (in terms of page loading time, missing links,
programming errors etc) never suffers.

If you are still interested or have a query send me a mail or talk to me at
9811292872. If you ever thought that you wanted to work in a great company
which REALLY RESPECTS its employees, we assure you will feel it every day,
every minute of your working day (and working night).

Everybody work for money. and all companies want to get work done in return
of salary but we believe in raising the stakes at both sides of bargain. For
the employee, it is not just a 9 to 5 job here but a 24/7 life and work that
he delivers that he considers his own and is proud to do it (you really must
see how proud each of our guys of his/her code). For the company, it is not
just giving salary to the employee but to make sure that all the needs and
concerns of the employees are satisfied as far as possible. Company
sincerely works to make sure that each employee has only one concern in his
life (his work !!!) - rest should be taken care of by the company.

If you are really good, this is a chance you cannot let go.

With Warm Regards
Tarun Upadhyay