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Re: Recovering Lost FAT32 partition (Urgent)


The important part is the *exact* start and end cylinders. If you goof up, you die ;-)

IF you are sure, and if you have enough free space on another partition, equal to the _size_ of the deleted partition, then this may work:

	dd if=/dev/hda of=/ZZZ/FILE skip=xxxxx count=yyyyy bs=64k

	mount -t vfat -o loop /ZZZ/FILE /mnt/
	cd /mnt ; # look around

This requires an exact value of xxxx (starting _sector_ on drive) and yyyy (size of drive), both divided by 128 (there are 128 sectors in 64k)

You may of course be better off with a commercial utility.

Vipul Mathur wrote:

Hi everyone,

In a spate of bad luck, I ended up deleting one of my FAT32 data partitions
(logical). Now I am desparately trying to recover it (with data!)

A search on the net found possible solutions in things like

rescuept, fixdisktable and gpart

Does anyone have any experiance with these tools? Anyone had a similar episode?

I have the exact partitioning information (starting, ending cylinders) so I
hope just creating a new partition in fdisk should recover all the data.

But I need confirmation of this before I try! HELP!!!