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Re: Recovering Lost FAT32 partition (Urgent)

Try the utility: GetDataBack from :http://www.runtime.org/

It offers a safe method of recovering your files because it does not write onto the same partition.
Depending on the size of your partition though, it could take several hours.

Even though you know the exact partition information, using fdisk to create the partition again could result in loss of data. You need to take steps to be able to reverse your actions if you plan to directly manipulate the partition table.

Hope this helps.


At 05:54 AM 8/25/01 +0530, you wrote:

rescuept, fixdisktable and gpart

Does anyone have any experiance with these tools? Anyone had a similar episode?
I have the exact partitioning information (starting, ending cylinders) so I
hope just creating a new partition in fdisk should recover all the data.