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Big HardDisk Prob

i am trying to install PC Quest Linux7.1 on a PIII 866 (mbrd-Intel 815E)
with 30gb hdd, i presently have Widows Yucx Pee installed (upgraded from
win2k professional) on this. I wish to install linux in the last partition
(7GB) of the 4 partitions. After booting form the cd, while running disk
druid i am unable to create "/boot" mount pt, whenever i try to creat this
it gives me a error /boot>1024 cylinders and makes this red, well afetr
removing this if i try to create other mount pts on creating the final "/"
partition and asigning it the rest available space, disk druid exits and in
colsole mode show that i can reboot safely. the error  msg says
* Failed to allocate '/boot' : Not enough free space
* Failed to allocate '/' : Not enough free space
pls suggest possible solutions. also pls let me know of some resource/link
which wud help me in making my system dual boot.
waiting eagerly for ur reply