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linux wit win partation

 i install the redf hat 7.1  on 3.2 GB partation on by hard disk on the
other partation I want to see  the fat 32 partations on the linux for this i
will make dir win_c win_d & win_e in linux and after that i run this comand
 mount-t vfat /dev/hda1  /mnt/win_c  for all the partations  after that i
will able to see all the folders in these dir and all will work proplem when
i reboot the system and go to the /mnt/win_c dir there is no folder inside
it all the dir are there( win_c, win_d, win_e) but no folder and fills are
ther after it i  type the comand mount-t vfat /dev/hda1  /mnt/win_c   and
fills are comesbut reboot they will lost  what can i do is there is any
other comand which will save all the folders and files init

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