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Hi Everyone
It has been more than 8-9 months since I last sent an email to this 
Thanks to PC-Quest for the new linux release, because of the them I have 
shifted over to Linux from windows and I could configure almost everything 
(Printer, Internet, video-card) but not LAN. I have followed every step 
mentioned in the PC-Quest July issue but I have not succeeded. In fact the 
magazine talks of two machines, one for Intranet server and another as 
gateway. As I can not afford two machines so my effort is to provide both at 
the same machine. My machine is P-III, 500 Mhz, 8 GB HDD and 256MB SDRAM. 
I want this machine to be Linux server acting as gateway as well as Intranet 
server. My other machines on the LAN are windows ME.
Please help asap as there is too much chaos because of LAN being down since 
last three days.
With Warm Wishes
Somnath Bharti
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