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Meeting wish list (was) Re: Meeting, and assorted stuff.

Thats just great. 
Topics Have not been decided yet. 
But When ppl get together we will suery come up 
with something. 
he he 
The meet is on 22nd July thats the comming sunday
29 Rajpur Road
Civil Lines; 

 \     3960040 
Pankaj "alt.ascii-art" Kaushal

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 10:04:39PM +0530, Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:

>So we can have someone in every meeting deciding to give a seminar on
>a programming concept. I have in the past noticed such requests which
>had fallen of deaf ears. I am adding some of my own to that:
>1. The CGI programming model.
>2. The JSP/Servlets/PerlScript/PHP/ASP models
>3. LDAP organisation and data design. (My request. I wish Nikhil Datta
>would enlighten us on it and his ldaptools package)
>4. Device Driver programming
>5. The Mail routing system. We had a talk on it last time, which was
>good. But we probably need one more
>6. DNS
>7. Using CVS in projects
>8. Using Makefile in complicated projects
>9. Programming in QT (neil?)
>10. Programming in GTK
>11. Programming in Python(our python man is no longer around. maybe
>someone can fill in)
>12. programming in Kdevelop
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