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Re: Meeting, and assorted stuff.

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 08:59:25AM -0500, Kapoor, Nishikant X wrote:
>I would like to take a shot at maintaining the website. Could you please
>send me the tarball ?
I'm also intrested  Nishi If u decide on the things to do:
and allocate me some of the task 
I'll be happy to contribute.

>Raju, you were mentioning about the new server/cvs setup. Is it in place yet
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>> From:	Sunny Holani [SMTP:holani_sunny@xxxxxxxxx]
>> Sent:	Friday, July 13, 2001 6:30 AM
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>> Subject:	[linux-delhi] Meeting, and assorted stuff.
>> Hi Folks,
>>               Its that time of the month again, and a meeting should be
>> happening. However, I have shifted base to Calcutta now and will be here
>> for
>> a couple of years for doing my MBA. That makes it difficult for me to
>> coordinate meetings etc., and I guess someone else has to do it now.
>> Pankaj
>> is the one who usually coordinates with me, so he should be the natural
>> choice.
>>                The days of the "footloose and fancy free"ness are now
>> over,
>> and I'm also not in a position to be fulltime maintaining the website
>> anymore. Will any of the previously enthu junta take over? Its not so much
>> really.... just have to update the meeting venue/agenda etc. regularly....
>> and have to keep changing the tentative date of Linux-Delhi
>> societification
>> on the front page (There is always a glimmer of hope ;-). Ask me for the
>> tarball, Scotty.
>> Regards,
>> Sunny.
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