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RE: Meeting, and assorted stuff.

Hi Nishikant,

Be glad to have you maintaining the site, and anyone else who wants to
pitch in.

The CVS got zapped with the old server, will have to set it up again.
Can you just work with the tarball till then?


-- Raju

>>>>> "Nishi" == Kapoor, Nishikant X <Nishikant.X.Kapoor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Nishi> I would like to take a shot at maintaining the
    Nishi> website. Could you please send me the tarball ?

    Nishi> Raju, you were mentioning about the new server/cvs
    Nishi> setup. Is it in place yet ?

    Nishi> Regards, Nishi

    >> -----Original Message----- From: Sunny Holani
    >> [SMTP:holani_sunny@xxxxxxxxx] Sent: Friday, July 13, 2001 6:30
    >> AM To: linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: [linux-delhi]
    >> Meeting, and assorted stuff.
    >> Hi Folks, Its that time of the month again, and a meeting
    >> should be happening. However, I have shifted base to Calcutta
    >> now and will be here for a couple of years for doing my
    >> MBA. That makes it difficult for me to coordinate meetings
    >> etc., and I guess someone else has to do it now.  Pankaj is the
    >> one who usually coordinates with me, so he should be the
    >> natural choice.  The days of the "footloose and fancy free"ness
    >> are now over, and I'm also not in a position to be fulltime
    >> maintaining the website anymore. Will any of the previously
    >> enthu junta take over? Its not so much really.... just have to
    >> update the meeting venue/agenda etc. regularly....  and have to
    >> keep changing the tentative date of Linux-Delhi societification
    >> on the front page (There is always a glimmer of hope ;-). Ask
    >> me for the tarball, Scotty.
    >> Regards, Sunny.
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